Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last day of 1st grade!

The last day of school was fun, full of certificates of achievement and just a happy day :) Can' believe we have second graders!!

 Visit at the dentist - Tula was a very  brave girl.
 Junior lost his first tooth, second one to follow shortly 

And I got a present for my Bday - AC/DC concert in Warsaw!! Packed, loud, all that I expected :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer vacation - Rhodos, Greece June 2015

Just arrived and waiting for luggage,
 finally a little rest,

random restaurant shots

getting ready for windsurfing (while Tula is playing at the beach with her friend Olivia),

here we go! making progress!



 out on the town, Lindos 

Our winter vacation - January 2015

We spend some of our vacation time at this beautiful hotel in the middle of the Bieszczady mountains in Hotel Arłamów. This place has something for everyone, sports, food, hiking, horses, skiing, sauna, massage, mani and pedi ;), movie night for kids.... just tons of stuff. Here's a little bit: 

horseback riding lessons for the kids on medium sized ponies (they've advanced this year from little ponies on a lead, to big ponies and riding on their own). While at this time I'm riding with another trainer out in the mountains :)

Junior and I went skiing. Junior did a great job and even decided that he could go on the lift all by himself. I couldn't keep up with him on the way down. Tula and Jacek want none of this...

I love the shooting range and this year the kids were big enough to go with me... all in a controlled environment, safe and educational. 

And just before dinner burning off some calories...this is the highest indoor climbing wall in Poland and Jr made it to the top on his second try. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

This is how we play when it's cold (November 2014):

 um... no comment, 

both go horseback riding,

and when it's really cold outside (December 2015):
 at the museum

home artwork (no idea why the goggles were needed ),

the cat and turtle keeping warm together,

 ice skating near our house

And 2015 (February):
first year of shool 

 our new dog Lola,

some missing teeth (March),

the 7th birthday with friends (April)...

 ... and at home,

some mommy time, 

 breakfast made by the twins - a total surprise! (made at dinner time, but hey...)

 and new PJs from Babcia and Dziadzio :) (May)